Smart Phone Control Kit

Smart Phone Control Kit
Is there any worse feeling in the world than suddenly being struck by the horrible thought that you’ve left your garage door open? You’re halfway to work and then it hits you! Do you turn around to go back and check (and make yourself late for work in the process) or do you go throughout the entire day with that horrible feeling gnawing at you constantly?
Thanks to the B&D Smartphone Control Kit that awful experience can be a thing of the past! The wonders of wireless technology and internet integration allow this fantastic new system to take garage door control to the next level by allowing you to monitor and control your garage door no matter where you are.
Simply open the app on your phone and you’ll be able to check on your door and open & close it as desired. Having something valuable delivered to your house? Just get the delivery company call you when they arrive and you can open your garage and have your goods deposited safely inside instead of sitting exposed on your doorstep.
To find out more about the B&D Smartphone Control Kit just get in touch us today. We can even arrange a free quote for you!

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