Converting your current carport into a garage can maximise the usability of your space, increase security for your belongings, and increase the value of your home. Converting your carport can be easier than you think - in this post, our experts will break down exactly what to expect from a carport conversion.

The Differences: Carports vs. Garages

In Australia, we have a habit of interchanging the words “carport” and “garage” as though they refer to the same structures. In reality, carports and garages have some major differences - here’s how to distinguish them;

Carports: Based on the legislation provided by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), carports are mostly defined as a semi-open structure used to shelter a vehicle. These structures must have at least two sides open (or 1/3 of the total perimeter).

Garages: On the other hand, garages are defined as totally enclosed structures, usually used to shelter a vehicle. Usually, they’ll include a pedestrian access door and a form of shutter door for vehicle access.

Is a Carport Conversion Realistic for Me?

As residential areas become more built up, and carports are found closer to public roads & footpaths, converting your carport into a garage is a very smart security choice. Most classic carports are easily converted into garages with minimal work, because most of the structure is already there.

If you’re already using your carport to house vehicles or recreational equipment, you probably know that your roof & flooring is adequately structured for the job. This means, a conversion could be as simple as building a frame, adding optional walls and installing your door of choice.

Because the team at 89’s Garage Doors, have such a wide variety of door types, and the ability to custom build a door to your necessary dimensions, the chances are - we’ll have something to fit! Whilst roller and sectional doors can be some of the popular door options, exploring different styles such as tilt & flex doors could be a smart choice to save on space where height is limited.

Why Should I Consider a Conversion?

If you have a carport at the moment, you’re probably well aware of the downsides to not having a fully enclosed structure to store your car or belongings. Whilst garages not only provide added security - no one can wander in off the street & see or access your vehicle/belongings, they also keep out dirt and dust (meaning less car cleaning or water damaged storage boxes), as well as providing you with privacy, and increasing house value.

How Do I Find Out More?

If you’re considering converting your carport to a garage, we’d love to help you out or at least point you in the right direction. You can contact our friendly sales & service team HERE, and they’ll be able to give you all the advice you need, without the pushy sales tactics.

Last updated
January 4, 2022