Need a Garage Door Repair?

You’re not alone!
Here are some of the most common issues that our Garage Door Specialists are called out to fix around Perth:

"My Garage Door Remote Isn’t Working"

This is often a simple fix, but it can be a pain to diagnose yourself. Whilst sometimes this can be a sign of just requiring a new battery for your remote, the issues can lay a lot deeper than that (is there anything more annoying than replacing the batteries on something and it still doesn’t work??). From new batteries, complete remote replacements or reprogramming your rolling codes, our handy team are available to do it all.


"My Garage Door Won’t Open or Close All the Way"

Garage doors can get stuck for multiple reasons. There may be dirt or debris within your door’s rolling tracks that is preventing a full range of movement. We’ve also seen doors require their motor limits to be reprogrammed after power outages. Whilst these issues are often prevented with consistent servicing, we’re happy to help get your door moving again in an emergency.


"A Cable or Spring Has Snapped In My Garage Door"

Age, general wear & tear, rust and the wrong use of chemicals on your garage door’s moving parts can all result in cables or springs losing tension and snapping. Having your garage door fall, or a high-tension spring snap, can be scary and this can happen as a result of your door being forced to run on worn down parts. If you’ve noticed your door has been jamming lately, or you’ve had a cable or spring snap on you, we can come to he rescue with a new part right away.


"My Garage Door is Screeching/Sticking"

Has your garage door been making an awful screeching sound? Does it sound like it’s struggling to open or close? It’s definitely time for at least a service. This screeching and sticking could be due to a lack of proper lubrication between your garage door parts, or perhaps the result of bent or dented tracks. One of our garage door specialists can diagnose your screechy issues and get your door running smoothly (and quietly) in no time.


If you've gotten yourself into a bit of a garage door jam, our garage door repair experts are on call 24/7 and are available all over Perth.

To get in touch with our repair experts or find out more about our repairs & service offers, visit our repairs page, here:

Last updated
January 28, 2022