When it comes to choosing the right garage door for you, figuring out where to even start on your purchase journey can be overwhelming. In this blog post, our garage door specialists will take the time to go over some of the most common subjects that you should consider when looking for a new residential door.

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There are many things to consider when it comes to selecting the right door for your home - function, size, budget, curb appeal. Let us break down exactly what you should consider before making the call on your garage door.


What are your size needs? Most of the time, this is usually easy to figure out. Most modern homes are built with a double garage in mind. However smaller townhouses or sheds often require single sized doors. Alternatively, if you’re needing something custom - perhaps a door for your recreational gear, or something which allows easy boat or trailer access, get in touch with us today & we’ll be happy to build a door direct to your dimensions.


From basic, budget options, to architecturally designed doors - we have something to suit every budget. A garage door isn’t something you want to be replacing unnecessarily, so we always recommend you think about finding a long-term garage door solution. A quality garage door is a solid investment to your home.


Since we have Perth’s largest range of garage doors, the possibilities of styles & colours are truly endless. Whether you have a traditional, heritage-style home & you're hoping to maintain its character, or a contemporary, minimalist-style townhouse, we've got the right garage door for you. Our latest partnership with 4D Doors, offers over 20 different surface finishes on their stylish, sectional doors. Whilst some of the most popular colour choices amongst customers are neutral whites, greys & blacks, we're also able to offer ranges from pine to concrete & more.


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Last updated
January 4, 2022