At 89's, we understand that if you’re not working with garage doors day in and day out, or you’ve never encountered a garage door problem before, it may be hard to understand why a professional service is necessary. In this post we'll take you through everything to expect from our regular garage door service.

Is an annual garage door service just an excuse to get more money out of you after installation? 

In reality, regular garage door servicing can save you money in the long term. Just as when you service your car, servicing your garage door can help prevent costly & inconvenient problems in the future.

Here's what's included in our regular garage door service:

Check & Adjustment of Spring Tension

Springs hold most of the weight of your garage door. Maintaining proper tension on these springs ensures that your door is easy to lift and doesn’t put unnecessary strain on the motor, if there is one. Keeping your springs correctly tensioned also aids in helping the springs last longer.

Inspection of Door Tracks & Guides

A complete inspection is given to all the tracks & guides of your garage door to ensure your door runs smoothly. Any damage is reported to you, this is important because if the guides & tracks are bent or damaged, this could cause the door to jam and be unable to open or close.

Garage Door Condition Report

An overall reporting on the general condition of the door is given to you. This includes any damage found on the door, and any repairs our technician has found that need to be carried out to ensure proper movement in the future.

Clearances & Fittings Check

Here your garage door specialist will ensure that all screws & bolts are tight on the door. They will also make sure that the door isn’t hitting anything in the open and close cycle and doesn't require adjustment.

Lubrication of All Moving Parts

Lubricating the springs and hinges is highly important for an ongoing smooth operation. We make sure we use chemicals & lubricants that are specific to your garage door in order to prevent future slipping, contamination of parts or erosion.

Reset of Motor Limits & Forces

If your garage door hasn't been serviced in a while, it may start to lose its open & close limits, causing the door to open or close at random. Resetting & reprogramming these limits, ensures your door stays at the correct limit & the motor knows where to start/stop.

Servicing your garage door is a preventative measure. It is always the most time and cost efficient decision to work towards preventing problems, than waiting until they need repairing.

Whether you want to book in a service, or you need a garage door repair, you can get in touch with our specialist team here -> Garage Door Repairs & Service.

Last updated
February 9, 2022